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We Deliver Exceptional Outcomes on

Renovation Projects

Tired of living in the past or need to customize your current space? INGRAM RENOVATIONS can transform your home with their expert renovation team.  You can count on professional, experienced advice for any residential project from whole home renovations, to custom kitchen & bathroom remodels, additions & garages.

At INGRAM RENOVATIONS, our family name and reputation stands behind our work ensuring the delivery of outstanding customer service and quality results.

  • Full Home Renovations
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Patios and Outside Living Spaces

Create income with a

Secondary Suite Development

Have you considered creating extra income in your current home? INGRAM RENOVATIONS has the knowledge and experience in Edmonton and surrounding areas to help you generate that extra income.  Our team works to ensure your income suite meets all legal requirements for your area, which in turn provides you with opportunity to attract the most reliable tenants.

Secondary Suite Development Benefits

  • Increases the value of your property
  • Supplements your income especially in these tough economic times in Alberta
  • Seniors can stay in their homes longer with the additional income
  • Tax deductions for rental property
  • Creating more affordable housing in your community
  • Pay down your mortgage quicker
This can be INCOME property with the help of INGRAM RENOVATIONS

Increase your Square footage with

Basement Development

Have you left your basement in the dust?  Is it cold, dark and uninviting? INGRAM RENOVATIONS can turn that basement into the space of your dreams.  With over 20 years in the home construction/renovation industry, our team has the knowledge & experience to turn your basement from drab to OMG!  Turn that unused space into an amazing entertainment space for adults or kids alike, extra bedrooms, craft rooms and more.

Basements don’t need to be a dungeon, with the quality and commitment of our renovation team, we can create a space you will never want to leave.

Basement Development Benefits

  • Basement Development adds significant value to your home
  • Increases your quality of life by adding more habitable space
  • Increases the speed in which your home will sell
  • Creates more options for growing or aging families
  • More cost effective than moving or building additions
Undeveloped basement
INGRAM RENOVATIONS can turn unused space into the basement of your dreams.

Need a Private Entrance?

Consider adding a Side Entrance

Whether you have grown children that you would like to offer more privacy to, aging parents that need a space of their own or you have a rental unit in the basement, side/private entrances are a great option. Basement entrances open up a world of opportunities by providing privacy as well as additional security if your basement development is used for rental purposes.

Ingram Renovations specializes in constructing separate basement entrances.

Call us today for a free quote.

Benefits of adding a Side Entrance

  • Privacy for Rental Units
  • Added Value and Curb Appeal
  • Added Privacy for family members such as grown children

Love your current home?

Consider an Addition or Garage Renovation

Many people LOVE the home they are in but may require certain elements or space to really make it their DREAM home.  With over 20 years in the home construction/ renovation industry, INGRAM RENOVATIONS can help transform your home into your FOREVER home.

Skip the hassle of moving by building an addition to your existing property. Not only will you increase the current value of the home but you will reduce the stress of shopping around for the exact home of your dreams.

Don’t forget about the garage! Our renovation team can help maximize space or completely redesign your garage so that you are getting the full benefit of the added space a garage has to offer.

Benefits of an Addition or Garage Renovation

  • Additions allow you to stay in the home you love by customizing your space
  • Additions & garages can add value to your existing home
  • Saves you the hassle of buying and selling
  • Additions can provide additional space for family members
  • Protect your vehicle investments
  • A garage can offer more storage space
  • A garage can reduce theft